Whatever the outcome of the Electoral Commission’s decision on who should be the official Leave campaign in the EU referendum, this site would have carried on supporting Brexit. We have argued for several years that the UK should leave the EU. Our most recent series on the issue are those exploring the risks of Remain (ever higher costs, yet more uncontrolled immigration and even less control and democracy) and this week’s on the rewards of Leave (more jobs, lower prices, and another piece to follow tomorrow).

It’s also no secret that we have argued from the outset of the designation race that Vote Leave is the campaign which offers the best chance of a Leave victory on 23rd June.

Congratulations are due to the Vote Leave team for having won designation this afternoon, and commiserations to their competitors at Leave.EU/Grassroots Out.

However, there is now a job to do. There are just over ten weeks until referendum day. The Government is spending £9.3 million of taxpayers’ money promoting the pro-EU case, and the official Remain campaign is using every desperate angle it can find to try to deter voters from choosing to take back control.

There is a big task ahead to win this crucial campaign and to secure a better, more democratic and more prosperous future for our country. We therefore hope that all Leavers will now knuckle down to get on with the real mission, and focus on fighting the real enemy: the EU.

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