As we wrote in February, the EU referendum is likely to turn on the question of risk – that’s to say, on whether Remain or Leave is the bigger risk to our prosperity, security, jobs, living standards and families’ future.

However, risk is only one side of the coin; the other one is reward.  If Leave is to win, it must persuade voters that there are rewards to quitting the EU, not merely risks to remaining within it.

So it is that for the next three days this site will run a mini-series on the Rewards of Leave.  There are many that we might have chosen, and will return to more in due course.

But for this week we will be concentrating on economic rewards, and today Dominic Raab writes on ConservativeHome about more jobs.

Tomorrow, Mark Wallace will write about lower prices and on Thursday I will write about higher wages.  This site identified three of the biggest Risks of Remain as Bigger bills, EU taxes and billions in bailouts, more uncontrolled immigration and even less control and democracy.



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