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The Home Secretary will be in the spotlights in 2016 for any number of reasons – the immigration statistics, the growing security threat, her potential leadership bid and, of course, the decision which awaits her on whether to support Leave or Remain in the EU referendum. All of which are likely contributory factors to her victory as ConHome readers’ Conservative to Watch in the coming year, scooping 30.5 per cent of the vote.

The race for second place was close, with the formidable double act of Stephen Crabb and Ruth Davidson winning by a nose on 25.9 per cent. They increasingly operate as a very effective double act, and each has an important role to play in the run-up to May. They beat Zac Goldsmith, the man who would be mayor, into third – he scored 23.3 per cent.

Bringing up the rear (having been outvoted by “Other”) was Sir John Major, who is already playing a very public role in making the case for a Remain vote in the EU referendum.


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