How did it come to this? Terrorists perpetrate bloody slaughter against civilians, waging war on human joy and the liberty which makes it possible, and yet still some in our society respond by counselling that we, the free peoples of the world, shoulder some of the blame for their actions.

Despite their claims to believe in ‘liberté, égalité, fraternité’, it is notable that it is a peculiarly left-wing occupation to pursue moral relativism to the point of making excuses for those who seek to destroy those very principles. It is an infuriating irony that some of those who spend their mornings railing against ‘victim-blaming’ in Western society spend their afternoons pontificating on the ways in which those societies are to blame for terrorist attacks against them.

This failure to recognise the importance – and the rightness – of our values is potentially fatal, but it is not new. We have heard it all before. Once upon a time, people like Jeremy Corbyn argued that if only the free world would disarm then there was no doubt the tyrants in the Kremlin would merrily do the same. They urged the West to recognise that its liberty, success and security made those tyrants feel threatened, and rushed to empathise with the poor, put-upon thugs of the Politburo. They shouted about even the smallest failings of the free world while merely whispering about the greatest crimes of the regimes which stood against us.

In the modern day, they and their ideological inheritors apply exactly the same approach to islamist extremism. Fresh from criticising the decision to kill rather than seek to arrest Mohammed Emwazi, the Leader of the Opposition argued yesterday that police ought not to shoot-to-kill even when terrorist attacks are underway, and that the West had ‘created a situation’ which drove the growth of ISIS.

If the Left truly holds the values to which it pays lip service, then its decent members must take on and defeat those whose relativism routinely undermines those values. The ideological contortion that leads some supposedly ‘progressive’ people to recite excuses for gay-murdering, woman-stoning, democrat-hanging, genocidal totalitarians is an obscenity, an insult and a weakness. It must stop.