Screen shot 2015-09-01 at 11.28.51Two main Tory ways of viewing the Labour leadership election have emerged.

The first might be called Party-before-Country.  It wants to see the Labour candidate win whose leadership is most likely to aid a Conservative victory in 2010.  In the view of most Tory members, that candidate is Jeremy Corbyn.

The second could be called Country-before-Party.  It believes that for one of Britain’s main two parties to be led by an extremist would be bad for Britain.  In most cases, it is therefore for anyone other other than Corbyn. ConservativeHome is part of this group.

(Of course, some in the first group believe that what is good for the Party and what is good for the country is one and the same – but that’s a separate discussion.  And others will have been voting for Corbyn for a laugh.)

The nub of this poll result is that the prospect of a Corbyn leadership has weakened the Tories-for-Corbyn brigade.  His rating is down from 47 per cent last month, nearly half the total, to 37 per cent.  Liz Kendall is a whisker ahead at 38 per cent. Over 900 people took part in the poll.