150901 Cabinet league table

This month’s Cabinet league table is pasted above. A handful of observations:

  • Osborne, as always. It’s becoming boring to write it: George Osborne is top of the table. Again. For the fifth month running. This is also the second month in a row in which he’s achieved The Double, triumphing in our future leader poll as well.
  • A mitigated recovery. Last month, Boris sunk to his lowest ever rating. This month, he’s recovered almost five points to score 76.7. This is still his second-lowest total, though, and is surpassed by five other Tories on the table. As with the future leader poll, the Mayor of London’s popularity appears to be waning.
  • Timing issues? Theresa May’s rating is effectively the same as it was last month (it has risen by just 0.3 points). In the past, increases in immigration have tended to sour party members’ feelings towards her. Either last week’s news hasn’t done so, or it came too late to affect the survey results.
  • Whittingdown. John Whittingdale has enjoyed one of the most irresistible rises of this Parliament. First he debuted in the table with a respectable rating of 61.8 and a position of 11th, before climbing, last month, to 69.2 and eighth. But now he’s back to 60.5 and tenth. Is it just a blip? Or is there a sense that he’s losing his battle with the Beeb?