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In his column today, Paul Abbott writes of the current problems over registration to vote in the Conservative Mayoral Primary that:

Our out-of-date constitution forces us to sign up locally, not nationally; and as a result the Party has had to build (in-house) a series of fiendishly complex workarounds – FilePlan, BlueChip, Merlin, and VoteSource. These databases depend on local compliance, Associations are not always able to keep them updated, and they always have to be live-tested in the field, which can cause hiccups. This is the basic issue. We are burdened with an analogue constitution in a digital age.

And adds later:

One of the best things that we could do to improve our long-term strength as a Party – and to put Labour under maximum pressure – would be to centralise membership records and use off the shelf software to replace VoteSource.

On the centralisation of membership records, our Party member readers agree by a stonking 81 per cent to 13 per cent.  That’s one of the biggest margins in the mammoth survey, whose results we continue to report this week. Our summary of the VoteSource finding is here.