150805 Cabinet league table The latest Cabinet league table is depicted above. Here’s the usual set of observations:

  • Osborne does The Double. The Chancellor has actually shed a few points since last month, but he still manages to top the table for the fourth month running. This means that he’s achieved a very rare feat: The Double. He also triumphed in the leadership poll that we published yesterday.
  • Boris sinks. It’s a less successful month for one of Osborne’s potential leadership rivals, Boris Johnson. He’s dropped nine points to reach his lowest-ever score of 72 per cent. This is technically meant to be a rating for his performance as Mayor of London – so, is he suffering from balancing that job with being an MP? Or are party members just less pleased with him in general?
  • 150805 Osborne versus BorisThe Chancellor versus the Mayor. In fact, I thought I’d produce a graph to compare Osborne’s ratings with Boris’s over the past two years. That graph is to the right; you can click it for a larger version. It shows quite a remarkable turnaround. In May 2013, the Mayor of London was 66 points ahead of the Chancellor. Now he’s 14 points behind.
  • Rudd on the up. Amber Rudd has pulled off one of the biggest one-month climbs in the table’s history: gaining 19 points and 12 places since July’s survey. Funny what a few stern words about solar subsidies can do to party sentiment.

> Over 700 party members responded to the survey.