Con Mayor of London Aug 2015 variant-01


This is the first survey of Conservative Party members to take place since those in the running for the Conservative nomination for the London Mayoral race were whittled down to four.

The caveats which Paul applied to this question last month still apply – our survey of Conservative Party members who read this site is national, not restricted to those in London, and the selection will take place by a primary open to all London voters, not simply Party members. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see how things have or haven’t changed.

Zac Goldsmith MP retains the support of 56 per cent of respondents – exactly the same share he had a month ago. Meanwhile, his closest contender, Syed Kamall MEP, has advanced from 28 per cent to 32 per cent this time round. Stephen Greenhalgh, the Deputy Mayor, now has eight per cent, up from three per cent a month ago, while Andrew Boff AM scores four per cent, up from two per cent in the previous survey.

Therefore, of the 11 percentage points that were effectively redistributed by the removal of Ivan Massow, Sol Campbell and ‘Other’ due to the shortlisting process, five went to Greenhalgh, four to Kamall, and two to Boff. Goldsmith may not have seen his vote share rise, but he remains a long way out in front, with a few weeks left to go.

The poll was answered by 712 Conservative Party members.