150706 Cabinet league table

The latest Cabinet league table is pasted above. And here’s the usual gaggle of observations:

  • Javid rising. Sajid Javid gains one point and two places from last month. In fact, both his 82.9-point rating and his second-place finish are the best he has ever done in our league tables. It also mirrors his buoyant performance in our future leader poll.
  • Cameron sinking (slightly). And the man Javid supplants from second place? David Cameron. The Prime Minister has lost seven points from his previous rating, and dropped one place in the process. Yet these are still much better results than he was granted before the election.
  • Osborne top (again). George Osborne has now topped the league table for three months running. Two years ago, he was plumbing the lower depths of the table. Then he started alternating with IDS at the top. Now he’s a fixture in first.
  • Halfon and Patel Watch. Last month, I commented on Robert Halfon’s strong, Javid-esque debut in the table. I should also have mentioned Priti Patel’s. This month, the pair maintain their respective and very respectable positions of ninth and tenth.
  • Feldman’s first time. We didn’t include Lord Feldman, the Party chairman, in last month’s survey. But we decided to for this month’s, not least because he is allowed to attend Political Cabinet. His first rating is 48.7.

> Almost 900 party members responded to the survey.