Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 16.59.43In the wake of our first-ever monthly survey question about a Labour leadership contest, I wrote: “Party member respondents may have chosen the candidate who they believe will really be best for Labour…or that they think will be better for the Conservatives.  You will take your own view about what they’ve done.”

This was in the context of replies that put Liz Kendall first on 40 per cent, Andy Burnham second on 31 per cent, and Yvette Cooper third on 10 per cent.  Jeremy Corbyn had not yet declared.

But there is no mystery about what our Party member readers have done this time round.

Corbyn smashes into the lead on 42 per cent, Kendall is on 37 per cent, Burnham on 12 per cent and Cooper on 9 per cent.

No doubt about it. 42 per cent of our Party member respondents are having a laugh (in most cases).  37 per cent are taking the matter seriously, and plumping for the most right-wing candidate available.  The remaining 21 per cent disperse themselves among the two remaining candidates, who are those most likely to win.  But the most popular view is: go, Jeremy, go!

Almost 900 members responded to the survey.