Screen shot 2015-06-02 at 07.52.45Our ambitions for ConservativeHome’s next Party leader survey are almost limitless.  It is in that spirit that we bring you our first-ever poll of Party members’ views about who Labour’s next leader should be.

And their verdict is: Liz Kendall.

Party member respondents may have chosen the candidate who they believe will really be best for Labour…or that they think will be better for the Conservatives.  You will take your own view about what they’ve done.

The findings from website respondents to the survey are scarcely different: 39 per cent for Kendall, 28 per cent for Andy Burnham – and identical figures for Yvette Cooper and Mary Creagh, 10 per cent and 4 per cent respectively.

Almost 750 Party member readers responded to the survey.  We apologise to Kendall for any damage caused.