The Labour candidate John Biggs has been elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

The result was as follows.

First Preferences

John Biggs Labour: 27,255, 40.00 per cent

Rabina Khan, Independent: 25,763 ,37.81 per cent

Peter Golds, Conservative: 5,940, 8.72 per cent

John Foster, Green: 2,678, 3.93 per cent

Elaine Bagshaw, Liberal Democrat: 2,152, 3.16 per cent 

Andy Erlam Red – Flag Anti-Corruption: 1,768, 2.59 per cent

Nicholas McQueen United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) 1,669, 2.45 per cent

Hafiz Abdul Kadir Independent 316, 0.46 per cent

Vanessa Helen Hudson Animal Welfare Party 305, 0.45 per cent

Md Motiur Nanu Rahman Independent 292, 0.43 per cent

Second Preferences

Biggs: 5,499, 89.85 per cent

Rabina KhanL: 621, 10.15 per cent 

Final result

Biggs: 32,754

Khan: 26,384

It is not usual for a Labour victory to be a source of celebration for Conservatives but in this case it is – with the chance for proper standards of democracy and governance to be restored to this borough.

Cllr Peter Golds, the Conservative candidate who finished in third place, fought a vigorous and courageous campaign.

The Government should move as quickly as possible to implement the five electoral reforms that Peter has called for and which are backed by ConservativeHome.

  • A review of postal voting on demand.
  • Prosecutions for falsified electoral registration.
  • An end to the mobbing of polling stations.
  • An end to interference with voting inside polling stations themselves.
  • A requirement to produce a form of ID when receiving a ballot paper.

Eric Pickles is on the case in his new role as the Government’s “anti-corruption Tsar”, and is expected to make recommendations in due course.

See also “Don’t Stand for Electoral Fraud” – the initiative to help tackle fraud from Crimestoppers, the crime-fighting charity set up by Lord Ashcroft.  Here’s our proprietor’s recent article about it in this site.