New polling from the campaign group British Future reveals the three essential facts anyone planning a campaign on either side of the EU in/out referendum needs to know:

  • 72 per cent of the electorate are undecided as to how they will vote. Just 16 per cent say they will definitely vote In, and 12 per cent say they will definitely vote Out.
  • Tony Blair is the least trusted voice on the issue, with 59 per cent saying they do not trust him compared to 28 per cent saying they do.
  • Nigel Farage is the second least-trusted person – 54 per cent don’t trust him, while 36 per cent say they do.

The mission is clear: the hard core supporters on each side are secure, while the number of voters who remain to be convinced is vast. It will take a trusted voice – or at the least not a distrusted voice – to win them over. Please draw your own conclusions as to who that should, or should not, be.