150601 Cabinet league table

The first Cabinet league table of this Parliament is pasted above. And here’s the usual smattering of observations:

  • All-Tory Government, all-positive ratings. I’ve had to change the axes on this month’s chart. The last one we did, back in April, had to accommodate Vince Cable’s rating of minus 72.3. But now there are no Lib Dems in the Cabinet there’s no need for any negative numbers.
  • Osborne on the up, up and up. In April, George Osborne finished top with his highest-ever rating. This month, he’s got that beat. His rating of 89.8 is over 70 points higher than what he was achieving two years ago.
  • But Cameron is the biggest winner. David Cameron also scored his highest-ever rating in April’s Cabinet league table. But now he’s surpassed it by almost 20 points, lifting him to second place overall. What a difference an election victory makes! The Prime Minister even rates higher than Boris, who was once untouchable in this regard.
  • Javid and Halfon. Apologies, this is starting to get repetitive: Sajid Javid also achieves his highest-ever rating and position this month. But the main reason I mention him is Robert Halfon’s debut appearance in the table. The MP for Harlow finishes a strong ninth overall, just as Javid did when he first joined the Cabinet. I suspect he’s going to be quite popular.
  • The curse of DECC. Ed Davey was always one of the least popular Lib Dem Cabinet ministers. And now his Conservative replacement, Amber Rudd, is plugging the bottom of this first post-election league table. Perhaps Party members haven’t taken well to her advocacy on climate change.

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