The Conservatives plus the Liberal Democrats plus the Democratic Unionists plus UKIP….


Labour plus the SNP plus Plaid Cymru plus the SDLP plus Sylvia Hermon plus the Greens (if there are any) plus George Galloway (if he wins).

That’s one way of looking at the line-up after Thursday if the Conservatives have won more seats than Labour (in which case they will presumably also have won more votes).

David Cameron may well in such circumstances have gained fewer seats than in 2010 and, for a second time running, have failed to win a general election.

His critics within the Party may thus be inclined to call for him to go.  ConservativeHome is not uncritical of the Prime Minister – to put it mildly – but this course would be a counsel of despair.

Very simply, there is no good reason for Cameron meekly to hand the country over to Miliband-plus-Sturgeon if he has won more votes, more seats – and has a shot of forming a government.

Of course, it may become apparent in due course that he can’t – for example, if the Liberal Democrats are unwilling to support him.  The decision of this electorally diminished party could turn out to be crucial.

But there is no reason to presume that this will be evident next Friday.  As long as there’s a chance of Cameron leading a government, he should try to – and his Party should support him in the endeavour.