Here are the figures:

Boris Johnson: 27 per cent (up one point).

Theresa May: 17 per cent (down three points).

Sajid Javid: 10 per cent (down three points).

George Osborne: 8.3 per cent (down two points).

Liam Fox: 7.8 per cent (down one point).

David Davis: 6 per cent (up two points).

Michael Gove: 5 per cent (No change).

Philip Hammond: 4 per cent (up one point).

Owen Paterson:  3.3 per cent (No change).

Dominic Raab: 2.7 per cent (New entrant.)

Jeremy Hunt: 2.1 per cent (No change.)

Rory Stewart: 1.6 per cent (No change)

Graham Brady: 1.3 per cent (New entrant.)

Nicky Morgan: 0.7 per cent. (No change.)

Elizabeth Truss: 0.7 per cent (No change.)

Chris Grayling, Andrea Leadsom and Philip Lee came in under the 1 per cent mark.  Adam Afriyie gained no votes at all (a first in one of these polls)

50 Party member respondents skipped the question – which indicates that at least some of them think that this site should not be posing this question at this stage of the “short campaign”.

However, they were greatly outnumbered by the 829 Party members who answered it, presumably believing that though there is a case for not running such a poll during the short campaign, there is also a case for running it if the question is pertinent – which it is. And in any event, David Cameron’s announcement that he would not seek a third term as Prime Minister has given it additional legitimacy.

As last month, the conclusion we have reached is to run the result, but not first thing in the morning.  To those who don’t like it, we can only repeat that this is, not