We usually write at the bottom of each editorial about each monthly survey finding that it has been “tested against the response of a control panel that was originally supplied by YouGov”.

This panel is a means of probing whether or not anyone is trying to fix the results – especially when it comes to our future Party leader poll.

It has duly picked up an attempt in our latest, pre-election one to boost the standing of one potential candidate.

The push came from more than one place, and was made at the same time of day.  We know how many places, we know the false e-mail addresses and we know the times at which the entries were sent.

We don’t believe that the possible candidate in question had any knowledge whatsoever of the attempt. It would therefore be unfair to name any names.

It may also be the case that those concerned were seeking to embarrass this potential candidate, and may not have been conservatives of any description.

But whatever the motivation, it’s important to report that such an attempt has been made and that it has been spotted.

(We have removed these replies rom the responses, and will begin reporting the survey’s findings tomorrow.)





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