• How many seats do you think the Conservatives will win on May 7?
  • Which parties would you countenance a deal with if the Commons is hung?
  • If the Conservatives are the biggest party but Labour none the less forms a government, should David Cameron stay or go?

These are some of the questions in our special pre-election monthly survey.  We have recast the usual model – purging questions that are now out of date (such as when the Coalition should end), introducing new ones that focus on the political situation post May 8, and revising our future leader poll.

David Cameron’s pledge not to serve for a third term as Prime Minister makes it more topical than ever.  We have also revised both the future leader list and its order, which is now alphabetical – which must be fairer – and readily concede that choosing the names to go on it is more of an art than a science.

You can take the special survey here.

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