Here are the figures:

Boris Johnson: 26 per cent (up four points).

Theresa May: 20 per cent (no change).

Sajid Javid: 13 per cent (down one point).

George Osborne: 10 per cent (up one point).

Liam Fox: 9 per cent (down three points).

Michael Gove: 5 per cent (down one point).

David Davis: 4 per cent (down three points).

Philip Hammond: 3 per cent (3.3) (Down one point.)

Owen Paterson: 3 per cent (2.7). (Down two points.)

Jeremy Hunt: 2 per cent (2.1). (No change.)

Rory Stewart: 2 per cent. (New entrant.)

Elizabeth Truss: 1 per cent (1.3) (New entrant.)

Nicky Morgan: 1 per cent. (New entrant.)

Adam Afriyie: 1 per cent (0.5). (New entrant.)

A word on the timing.  We are “independent of the Conservative Party but supportive of it”, as we say on our front page.  Being supportive, we see that there is a case for not running such a poll during “the short campaign”. Being independent, we see that there is a case for running it if the question is pertinent – which it is, a claim with which the 975 party members who responded evidently agree. And in any event, David Cameron’s announcement that he would not seek a third term as Prime Minister has given it additional legitimacy.

The conclusion we reached is as you see – to run the result, but not first thing in the morning.  To those who don’t like it, I can only reply that this is, not

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