There may well have been a sex ring of politicians and judges, plus senior civil servants, policemen and members of the armed forces during the 1970s and 1980s – or earlier and perhaps later.

But if there was, I doubt that it was a “ritual satanic one”, and would stake my savings (such as they are) that Enoch Powell was not a member of it.

False claims that he abused children are part of a narrative that would caricature a brilliant but flawed man as a pantomime villain.  He was guilty of many faults, but not this one.

To respond to this trash may risk lending it legitimacy.  But a generation now exists that didn’t know Powell, and the greater harm is done by letting it pass unchallenged.

The reputation of the scholar, soldier, politician, author and controversialist should be trusted to historians and posterity – not tossed into any passing gutter.