There’s been a lot of coverage today for the launch of the new Conservative campaign poster – effectively marking the start of the General Election campaign.

The Chancellor’s decision to kick off proceedings in Twickenham has gather a fair amount of attention, particularly given his Twitter barb aimed at Vince Cable. But between them Osborne and Cameron have launched the poster in four different constituencies today. It’s worth taking a quick look at each to get a flavour of the message they’re trying to send.

Osborne has visited:

  • Twickenham. Current MP: Vince Cable. Party: Liberal Democrat. Majority: 12,140. Conservative candidate: Tania Mathias.
  • Telford. Current MP: David Wright. Party: Labour. Majority: 981. Conservative candidate: Lucy Allan.

The Prime Minister went to:

  • Halifax. Current MP: Linda Riordan. Party: Labour. Majority: 1,472. Conservative candidate: Philip Allott.
  • St Austell and Newquay. Current MP: Stephen Gilbert. Party: Liberal Democrat. Conservative candidate: Steve Double.

So while targeting that crack at Vince is clearly part of the plan, with the defenestration of the ConHome Yellow B**tard of the Year a dream for many Tories, it’s only part of the picture. As well as London, the trip took in West Yorkshire, the West Midlands and the South West – all of which are home to a variety of battleground seats. I suspect it’s also no coincidence that the Tory candidates in the constituencies chosen for the launch events were two men and two women.