The polling presentation will take place at a location in Westminster on Wednesday March 4, and details of how to book tickets can be found here. They will be sold strictly on a first come first serve basis.

Lord Ashcroft began polling in the run up to the 2005 general election to explore why the Conservative Party had not recovered from its defeat in 1997.

Following the 2010 election he published Minority Verdict which draws on polling evidence to explain why the result was as good as it was for the Conservatives, but no better.

In recent months, Lord Ashcroft has been publishing regular polling research ahead of the 2015 general election with a focus on the key marginal seats.

Although this site will be hosting and chairing the event, we offer no guarantee that the findings which Lord Ashcroft will present will bring cheer to the Conservative Party…or any other one for that matter…

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