We wanted our manifesto, published last year, to tell a story.  As you grow up, you need a home.  When you’re an adult, you need a job.  And when you retire, you need savings.  Homes, jobs, savings.

Obviously, the country’s needs and one’s own are more complex than that.  And these ones have more depth.  To take an obvious example, it’s not just children who need a roof over their heads.  But the point about having certain needs as one journeys through life stands.

We learn this morning that David Cameron has identified six priorities for the coming election: the deficit, jobs, taxes, education, housing and retirement.

Lists have less emotional resonance than stories – and doubtless the Conservative Manifesto will try to tell one, not least in its title, when it is published.  Whatever it is, it can scarcely be less baffling to voters than “an invitation to join the Government of Britain”.

At any rate, readers will have spotted that three of the Prime Minister’s priorities – jobs, housing and retirement – are pretty much this site’s Home, Jobs and Savings.  This is encouraging.

Of course, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.  And Cameron will be criticised for not putting immigration and the NHS in his list.  But not doing so indicates simply that he wants to fight the election on the best ground for his Party – the economy.