Miliband and Salmond

This is the new poster released by CCHQ. It appears to be targeted at two constituencies – those Scottish voters who are thinking about backing SNP candidates in order to keep Labour out, and to a lesser extent those English voters who are increasingly irritated by Labour using Scottish support to vote on laws that only apply South of the border.

It probably does the job with each group, but I do wonder if it might prove to be a hostage to fortune after the election.

Of course CCHQ only talk about majority government – they have to, really – but we all know that it is entirely possible that May will see a new hung parliament. In such a circumstance, with the SNP expected to drastically increase their number of seats, the Conservatives could well end up having to enter into talks with them.

Nicola Sturgeon has already ruled out going into formal coalition with the Tories, but it isn’t hard to imagine that the topic of confidence or supply on some issues might come up. Or, more likely, the possibility of extracting a pledge not to bring down a Tory minority government – Sturgeon hasn’t ruled out that option.

So if the Conservatives thus ended up being “propped up” by the SNP, aren’t we laying ourselves open to charges of risking “chaos for Britain”?

All in all, the poster brings to mind one that the party issued in 2010:

No 10 48$.indd

Can anyone recall how that prediction turned out in practice?

Or for that matter, how about the warnings in the “Hung Parliament Party” broadcast – that such a result would produce “under the table deals”?