141229 Pact with UKIP graphThe previous high for such a deal was in July, when it hit 69 per cent. (It is now 74 per cent.)  And the previous low was in the same month and last month, at 25 per cent. (It is now 21 per cent.)

That final point is probably the most indicative.  Essentially, the closer the election comes the stronger opposition to a pre-election pact with UKIP becomes.

So having dropped in August, the proportion of party member respondents opposed to such a deal then rose during the last four months of last year.

However, the question asks nothing about local pacts, and this is a point that the monthly poll may return to.  In the meantime, here are the figures for a deal with the Liberal Democrats.

141229 Pact with Lib Dems graphOpposition to a pre-election pact with the LibDems is now at 90 per cent, its lowest to date – though this is scarcely given the magnitude of all the results.

Support is up a bit to 7 per cent. The previous high was five per cent in March.  So under one in ten Party members wants a deal with the LibDems, compared to one in five for one with UKIP.

Over 850 party members replied to the survey.  The responses are tested against a control panel which was supplied by YouGov.



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