141229 Cabinet league table

Our latest Cabinet league table is pasted above. Some quick observations:

  • No change at the top… For the third month running, IDS tops the Cabinet league table whilst Boris tops the lot. George Osborne stays in second from last month.
  • …or is there? There’s been quite a bit of movement just below the top two. Sajid Javid leaps 4.7 points and two places into third; his highest finish yet, and one that mirrors our future leader poll. Michael Fallon has also climbed to a new high.
  • May’s decline… The Home Secretary may be the ConHome readership’s choice to be the next Tory leader, but she’s languishing in our Cabinet league table. She has shed 4.4 points and three places since last month. Are unflattering headlines about immigration to blame?
  • …and Morgan’s. Nicky Morgan is another of this month’s declinees, with her approval rating down by 5.8 points since last month. The question is whether her score of 22.3 is more to do with her performance as Education Secretary or with the continuing popularity of her predecessor.
  • Lib Doom. The five Lib Dems who aren’t Danny Alexander have occupied the bottom five positions for several months now. Except, this month, David Laws has clambered above Alistair Carmichael in that group. It will be worth seeing whether he drops down again – and by how much – after his recent remarks about Osborne’s cuts.

Over 850 party members replied to the survey. The responses are tested against a control panel which was supplied by YouGov.

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