Gaffe of the Year

It’s been a busy year for the media’s favourite word: gaffe. With a healthy field of competitors, the winner of our Gaffe of the Year was still way out ahead among party members: Emily Thornberry’s ‘image from Rochester’ romped to victory with 56.5 per cent of your votes.

In a distant second place was one of the first gaffes of 2014 – the UKIP councillor who claimed flooding was caused by gay marriage, on 28 per cent. Following him in third was Nigel Farage’s defence of his comments, with 8 per cent.

UKIP candidate Kerry Smith’s racist comments in a leaked phonecall was fourth on 4.5 per cent, and Mark Harper’s cleaner turning out to be an illegal immigrant came last on 3.3 per cent.

The result was very similar among the wider readership: Thornberry enjoyed an even larger lead on 61.5 per cent; the gay floods came second on a somewhat lower 24 per cent, Farage’s defence of the comments was third on a slightly reduced 6.6 per cent. Mark Harper and Kerry Smith’s positions were almost exactly reversed at the bottom of the table.

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