Over time, Channel 4 has pushed the boundaries – its Chief Executive was once dubbed the nation’s pornographer-in-chief by the Daily Mail. Today it remains a place where sex, porn and weirdness dominate – at least, that’s what I gather from its schedule. Just about the only thing I watch on the channel is Homeland. Honest.

I did, however, access 4 On Demand to watch Fraser Nelson’s recent documentary on How the rich are getting richer – partly because they get married and poorer families don’t (the subject of my column in this morning’s Times (£). And I got greeted by the message below…

All sorts of things are possible on Channel 4 News without viewers being asked if they really are sure they want to watch something. Jon Snow, for example. But the Editor of The Spectator? Yikes. Someone with links to the Centre for Social Justice? A shudder runs down the Channel 4 spine. I can’t find Channel 4 issuing guidance to other journalistic views. But when it comes to a right-of-centre view, “guidance” is issued. Perhaps because it’s not what Channel 4 viewers expect?