• This is Lowland Hall in Edinburgh where all the results for the Scottish independence referendum will be compiled.



    • The Daily Record offers this table of when the results will be announced:


    • Farmers Weekly reports that Allan Moore in Aberdeenshire found his “No” signs kept being vandalised. So he put the message on his bull, Diego. It was not tampered with..


    • The YouGov poll from this morning’s Sun/Times which gave a four point lead for No had an unusually large sample size. That makes it relevant to look at some of the detailed breakdown. The full tables confirm a gender gap. Men were backing Yes by 51 per cent to 44 per cent. Women backed No by 54 per cent to 40 per cent. Conservative voters (as defined by Holyrood voting intention) were overwhelmingly unionist – only three per cent said they would Yes, to 96 per cent No. Labour and Lib Dem voters were more split but what was perhaps surprising was that five per cent of SNP voters said they would vote No.
    • Tory MP Nick Herbert says:
    • “We weren’t meant to go. I mean, no-one actually said ‘please don’t’, but the vibe was unmistakeable. Please go to Clacton where there’ll be a by-election. Have a great recess and maybe even see you at the Party Conference. But don’t go to Scotland.”


  • Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson MSP after casting her vote: