First of all, a health warning: as we all like to say on this site, polls are a snapshot, not a forecast.

This perhaps applies especially to polling about policies.  A policy can be popular one day, unpopular the next.  And people do not, in some circumstances, tell pollsters the truth.  For example, study closely the figures below for support for tax cuts concentrated on lower earners – and ask yourself whether all the higher earners who supported it when quizzed did so because they thought they should do so, rather than because they wanted to do so.  Or they may support a policy in principle while simultaneously believing that it is difficult to deliver in practice.

But despite these caveats, Downing Street and the team drawing up the Conservative manifesto may want to look at our own one closely.  (This morning, we publish the Jobs Section – Full Employment.  Every one of the ten policies from it that we chose to poll via YouGov wins more support than opposition.  And needless to say, we had no idea what response YouGov would get when it put its questions.  Here are the headline results.  We expect to publish the full tables on ConservativeHome later today.

Britain should retake control of its borders from the European Union, replacing existing immigration policies with a points-based system that would ensure only.

Support: 70

Oppose: 15

All new migrants should be required to purchase their own health and welfare insurance cover.

Support: 70

Oppose: 19

Garden City Corporations should build new homes in places like the Thames Estuary with local people being given shares in these Corporations

Support: 44

Oppose: 15

MPs from non-English seats should be prohibited from voting on legislation only affecting England

Support: 66

Oppose: 17

The priority for tax cuts should be the lowest earners, especially young workers and those earning only the minimum wage

Support: 79

Oppose: 11

Scrap HS2 and give the savings to northern cities

Support: 42

Oppose: 29

All tax revenues from the extraction of shale gas (fracking) in northern England should go to northern councils to invest in northern infrastructure

Support: 50

Oppose: 27

There should be a national debt ceiling so that government borrowing could not exceed a level set by parliament

Support: 67

Oppose: 14

Unions should only be able to take industrial action if a minimum percentage of union members participate in strike ballots

Support: 61

Oppose: 21

Internet voting should be introduced in local, European and general elections

Support: 52

Oppose: 32

Footnote: We would have liked to poll many more of the policies set in the manifesto, including of course those in the Jobs section.  A new poverty measure.  Minimum strike thresholds. Good employer kitemarks. Scrapping tuition fees and replacing them with a commissions system. The Northern infrastructure fund.  There is so much more.