140905 Cabinet league table

Our latest Cabinet league table is pasted above. Some brief observations:

  • The Constant Chancellor. For a long time, Iain Duncan Smith could be expected to top these tables. Then, earlier this year, we went through a period of inconsistency: the lead swapped between IDS, Osborne and May month after month. But no longer. The Chancellor has now come top for three months in a row. It’s quite something, when you consider that he had a measly satisfaction rating of 17 points in May 2013.
  • Mayday? The ratings for many ministers are marginally lower than last month, but Theresa May’s is marginally lower and then a bit more. She’s lost five points, and slipped from third to fourth. I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on it yet – it could just be a blip – but it’s possible that she has been hurt by some of this month’s less flattering headlines.
  • Reshuffle royalty. This is the second league table since the reshuffle in July, which is probably still too soon for firm conclusions. However, at the upper end of the table, Michaels Gove and Fallon may have cause for delight. The former remains popular despite his (as yet) less prominent role. And the latter has gained five points and three places since last month.
  • The Lib Dem split. Danny Alexander has generally been the most popular Lib Dem with Tory party members, and that continues here. Yet I think it’s the first time that all the other Lib Dem Cabinet ministers have occupied the lowest five positions in the table. That’s differentiation, right there.

> Over 750 Party members responded to the survey. The results are tested against a control panel which was supplied by YouGov.