As Paul reported yesterday, YouGov polled 2046 adults across the UK and weighted the results in order to study the popularity of 10 proposals in our new ConservativeHome manifesto.

Every idea secured more support than opposition. For those readers interested in the detail, here are the full data tables for the polling (in Excel format).

They provide some interesting insight into how the answers varied by age group, party affiliation, region and so on – but should be read with the caveat that results for these sub-sections are of course based on far smaller samples than the national total, and weighting is an overall process, not necessarily evenly spread within each sub-section.

That said, it’s worth looking at some of the trends. Understandably, northern voters and southern voters have very different opinions on the allocation of infrastructure funding in the north. While on some issues (like border control) Conservative and UKIP voters are in lock-step, on topics like HS2 there is a clear divide.