Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 20.00.42The question was: Was David Cameron right to move Michael Gove from Education Secretary to Chief Whip?

The answer from Party member respondents is: 63 per cent think the change was wrong, and 32 per cent think it was right – pretty much two-thirds to a third.  (The remainder said that they didn’t know.)

This result can’t be read in any other way than as an emphatic thumbs-down from Party members to this central aspect of David Cameron’s reshuffle.

The response from all website respondents was 65 per cent disapproving of the change and 30 per cent approving of it – not very different from Party members’ views.

Over 900 of the latter replied to this month’s survey.  This is not a bad response rate at all for August, a time when some readers tend to be away.  The results are tested against a control panel supplied by YouGov.






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