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We already know that almost two in three Tory members believe that Cameron was wrong to move Gove away from Education. But what did they make of the rest of the reshuffle?

The answer is: not much. As part of our latest survey, we asked readers to rate the reshuffle on a scale of 1 to 10. The average of the 906 responses we received from party members was 5.43.

The graph at the top of that post breaks down that 5.43 average. You’ll see that 46 per cent of party members rated the reshuffle at 5 or lower. 54 per cent rated it at 6 or higher. The most popular rating, with 18.2 per cent of the vote, was 7.

Of course, what matters more is how the new Cabinet performs in its duties; which include appealing to voters in toto at the next election. But, for now, let it be noted: the initial response from party members is pretty lukewarm.

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