We were the only media outlet, to the best of my knowledge, to lead on Esther McVey’s denial of a recent claim in the Sun on Sunday that she had staged a Downing Street “sit-in” at the time of the recent reshuffle.

So it’s worth highlighting the apology now issued by the paper for the original story.  We carry it below in our newslinks today.  The paper has retracted its allegations.  It now recognises that McVey accepted the job offered to her, rather than demanding a new one, as it originally reported.

In other words, there was no Downing Street “sit-in”.  Nor did McVey spend “£585 on a Vivienne Westwood dress to wear for the reshuffle”.  Rather, her “Whistles dress was seven years old and did not cost £585”.  The Sun on Sunday has conceded that its report was wrong.