140702 Cabinet league table

This month’s Cabinet league table is shown above. Some things that stand out:

  • May’s decline. Last month, Theresa May topped our Cabinet league table for the very first time. This month she’s fallen into fourth place, shedding 20 points off her satisfaction rating in the process. This is a much more marked decline than in our future leader poll, where the Home Secretary remains top. It seems that her difficult month – from the passport brouhaha to arguments with Gove about extremism – have had more effect on Party members’ views about her current job than any potential future one.
  • Osborne’s rise. Replacing May is the Chancellor. His satisfaction rating has declined by three points since last month, but he still occupies the top spot for the second time ever. Notably, Osborne’s rating is also higher than Boris’s.
  • Javid, Javid, Javid. We’ve made a habit of highlighting Sajid Javid’s scores since he made his debut in the Cabinet league table, a couple of months ago. This month, he achieves his highest position yet: fifth, with a rating of 63. Could it be because of his firm words about the licence fee? In any case, he’s certainly scoring well despite not having been in the job for very long.
  • No euro-bounce for Cameron. Tory backbenchers may be applauding the Prime Minister for his handling of the Juncker appointment, but what about Party members? In truth, we can’t tell much from one survey, but it’s worth noting that his satisfaction rating has dropped by six points.

> Over 800 party members responded to the survey. Their responses are checked against a control panel supplied by YouGov.