May 2014 Cabinet league table

What you’re looking at above is, of course, our latest Cabinet league table. Here are four brief points:

  • IDS has returned to the top-spot, after losing it to a Budget-propelled George Osborne last month. The Chancellor’s decline hasn’t exactly been precipitous, though: he’s only shed 3.1 points since last month, which is almost a rounding error. It’s also worth noting that both of the top two ministers have achieved that rare feat: surpassing Boris’s rating.
  • David Cameron has suffered a 12-point fall since last month. Unless I’m being especially forgetful, I can’t think of one particular thing that would easily explain this. Perhaps party members are simply more dissatisfied with their leader as the prospect of a drubbing in the European elections looms closer.
  • This is Sajid Javid’s first appearance in our Cabinet league table. He’s made a buoyant start: straight into the top ten, and some way ahead of his predecessor’s final rating of minus 6.4.
  • The Scotland Secretary, Alistair Carmichael, has shed 9.2 points since last month. This is probably a reflection of the recent advances made by the Scottish nationalists.

> Almost 800 Party members responded to the survey. The results are tested against a control panel which was supplied by YouGov.