We asked in a special survey, issued earlier today: should Maria Miller leave the Cabinet?  The result from Party members is as follows:

  • Yes: 82 per cent.
  • No: 14 per cent.
  • Don’t know: 4 per cent.

Five points:

  • A ComRes poll earlier this week found that 69 per cent of Conservative supporters believe that David Cameron should have sacked the Culture Secretary.  The wording of our question covers both her prospective dismissal or her resignation.
  • The figures for all site respondents were “Yes” 88 per cent, “No” 10 per cent and “Don’t Know” two per cent.  So the view of readers as a whole is even more emphatic than that of Party member readers.
  • Over 800 party members replied to the survey in less than a day – a very swift response rate.  This may show that a single-question survey is easier to complete than the monthly one, or that there is a lot of interest in the Miller case – or both.
  • Mark Wallace’s view is that she should leave the Cabinet.  He writes in the Guardian that “The fight to save Maria Miller is a distraction – let her go.  David Cameron’s loyalty to his culture secretary is disrupting the Conservatives’ election campaign.”

The findings of ConservativeHome surveys are tested against a control panel set up by YouGov.