Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 16.26.02Towards the end of last month we wrote that this year’s ConservativeHome spring conference, on the theme of “Securing a Majority,” will take place in London on Saturday May 24.  That’s two days after the local and European elections, and the day before the count of the latter.

We can now announce that it will include the following speakers: George Osborne MP, Lord Ashcroft, Douglas Carswell MP, Lottie Dexter, Robert Halfon MP, Nusrat Ghani, Dominic Raab MP, Mark Littlewood, Mark Reckless MP, Isabel Hardman, Andrew Rossindell MP and Matthew Elliott.  This isn’t a complete list – but it gives the flavour.

Subjects covered will include: latest polling from Lord Ashcroft; how to win a Majority; Party membership – how much do we still need it?; what should be in the next manifesto, and how the Conservatives should deal with UKIP.  There will also be sessions on immigration, the economy, and growth.

The ticket price includes entry to the full day conference, access to all events and breakout workshops, refreshments on arrival and during the day, and a two course luncheon. The usual ticket price is £89.00 but for a limited time until Monday 7th April we are offering an Early Bird Special of £69.00.

I’m sorry that the price is higher than it was last year, but although we are not aiming to make a profit we wish to avoid a loss. Places are limited and tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

For security reasons the exact central London location won’t be disclosed to attendees until 24 hours before the event. You will need to supply an email address (or mobile phone number) with your application to attend.

To book your place please pay via the PayPal button below.