Cabinet league table - March 2014

Our latest Cabinet league table is pasted above. Here are some quick observations:

  • Going down. I described last month’s set of ratings as “particularly buoyant”. This month’s is the opposite. Of the 33 names included in our poll, 28 have seen their numbers worsen – and some significantly so. The five who have defied gravity are Hague, Hammond, Cameron, Alexander and Clegg.
  • Waterlogged? Two of the steepest declines are Pickles’ and Paterson’s. The former has shed 17.6 points since last month; the latter 14.5. Admittedly, I have been travelling around Texas for the past three weeks – so I may be missing something – but it strikes me that this could be to do with the floods. Both ministers scored middling marks in a question we asked on that front.
  • The Chancellor’s downturn. Osborne has sunk below Gove into third place. This 4.7-point decline isn’t too terrible within the wider context of this league table, but it’s worth noting anyway. Recently, Osborne had been on the up, up and up.
  • Laws reconsidered. Aside from soaraway Danny Alexander, David Laws has tended to be one of the more popular Lib Dem ministers among Tory members. Well, that popularity has taken a hammering this month, with Laws’s rating falling from 18.6 to -9.7. I suspect that’s down to his new role at a Lib Dem bruiser. Since the beginning of February, he’s attacked the Tories on everything from public appointments to the EU Referendum and child poverty targets.

Almost 900 Party members responded to the survey. Their return is tested against a Control Panel which was set up by YouGov.