Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 18.56.50Robert Halfon suggested yesterday that the Conservative Party should re-badge itself as the Workers Party.  The idea of re-naming the Party isn’t new: indeed, the centenary of the re-naming of the Conservatives took place only last year –  see Lord Lexden’s paper on the matter.

In 1999, William Hague was reported to have ditched a plan to rename the Party the Modern Conservatives.  Last year, Nick Boles suggested that some Tories should stand in the next election as National Liberals.  Murdo Fraser has floated re-branding the Scottish Conservatives.

Halfon was clearly putting his finger on a problem that’s also worrying David Skelton of Renewal and Blue Collar Conservatives – namely, the relative unpopularity of the “Tory Brand“.  Hence this snap straw poll: what do you think the Conservatives should be re-branded as? Here are five starters:

  • Progressive Conservatives.
  • Radical Thatcherites.
  • Freedom Party.
  • National Party.*

Yes, yes: we know that you can do much, much better.  All suggestions below will be faithfully forwarded to Grant Shapps…

* Copyright: Tim Montgomerie.

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