It’s the year of James Wharton. Our Politician of the Year, who has done so much to further the prospects of our Policy of the Year, now has another award to his name – Speech of the Year. Here’s how Conservative members voted in our Christmas survey:

  • James Wharton’s presentation of his EU Referendum Bill: 25 per cent.
  • David Cameron’s tribute to Margaret Thatcher: 24 per cent.
  • David Cameron’s promise of an EU referendum: 12 per cent.
  • Nick Boles’ call for a “National Liberal” party: 11 per cent.
  • Mike Freer’s equal marriage speech: 10 per cent.
  • Lindsay Johns’ speech to the Conservative Party Conference: 4 per cent.

I could go on about the speeches that were mentioned under the “Other” field (which achieved 14.1 per cent of the vote overall), but I won’t. This is precisely the sort of awards category where you don’t want to hear from me, but from the winner. Wharton’s initial presentation of his EU Referendum Bill, made on 5th July 2013, can be viewed above.