We asked readers what energy policies they supported in this month’s survey, and the answers we got are as follows:

  • A freeze on gas and electricity prices – 11 per cent.
  • A windfall tax on the profits of energy companies – 19 per cent.
  • Greater clarity about tariffs, so that customers can more easily sign up for the lowest available – 74 per cent.
  • More nuclear power stations – 77 per cent.
  • Cuts to green energy taxes – 80 per cent.

So not much support among Party members for Ed Miliband’s favourite scheme, and not much more for Sir John’s, either.

That most readers want green tax cuts comes as no surprise, but we would have been remiss not to ask the question…just to check…

What was perhaps less foreseeable was the strong support for nuclear power stations, despite George Osborne’s controversial Chinese deal.


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