Andrew Mitchell

The question was: Do you think Andrew Mitchell should be restored to Cabinet?

The answers were as follows:

  • Yes, before the next general election: 58 per cent.
  • Yes, but only in the event of a Conservative Government after the next general election: 20 per cent.
  • No: 14 per cent.
  • Don’t know: 8 per cent.

As International Development Secretary and afterwards, Mitchell championed an unpopular cause (aid).

And he has never had a popular following in the Party – unlike, say, Boris or IDS.

I therefore expected that the proportion wanting him to be recalled to the Cabinet would be nearer 50 per cent than 80 per cent.  The result shows both a rise in his popularity as a result of the injustice done to him and – I think especially – how low the standing of the police now is with many Party members.

Almost 700 of the latter responded to our survey when it was sent out last week.

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