Tele_VS_Mail_cartoon2When I looked at the Daily Mail’s website yesterday, there was a link to Right Minds at the very bottom of the website – alongside Coffee Break, Travel, Video and so on.

Today, it isn’t there at all, and although Right Minds can still be found on search engines, clicking it simply takes the reader to MailOnline’s columnists.

Perhaps Right Minds will return tomorrow, but whether it does or not, its disappearance is a sign of the troubles that the section has had from the start.

Right Minds was set up by the Mail as a rival to Telegraph Blogs.  It’s a rare instance of the Mail attempting a project that hasn’t succeeded.

After all, the paper runs one of the most successful websites in the world.  Quite why this comment section never took off would be a good subject for a media column.

For what it’s worth, my take on a project like this is that to succeed it needs a strong editor fully backed by his superiors.

Such an editor will also need staff – since at once point Right Minds had 62 bloggers on its books.

At any rate, these developments give me a chance to re-run Carla Millar’s illustration of Simon Heffer (Mail) battling with Damian Thompson (Telegraph).

In fairness to the former, it’s important to note that he hasn’t been in charge of Right Minds for quite some time.

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