This is the film tribute to Margaret Thatcher which will open the Conservative Party Conference.

Those interviewed include David Cameron who talks about her “lion-hearted love for her country.” There are also interviews with several of those who served in her Governments.

Even before the conference starts some of its themes are becoming clear. The slogan will be “For hard working people.” The emphasis on welfare reform will reflect that. We have already had several policy announcements and will have plenty more.

In terms of Party organisation Grant Shapps will stress the potential of new technology and social media to encourage many more voters to register support for the Party and make small donations even if they do not wish to become full members.

The Party will ask people to Text “SUPPORT” to 81500. They will receive a text back that says: “Thanks for supporting the Conservatives’ plans for hardworking people. Visit to finish registration. Text charged at £1” If you follow the link (which is unique to each user) your mobile number is auto-populated but you’ll be invited to enter your First Name, Last Name, Postcode and Email address. Once a person has completed this process the Conservatives have a new  Registered Supporter (“Friend” in old money) and £1-admin fees into the party coffers

There will also be a conference app. It’s all very cutting edge.

Ed Miliband’s name can be expected to crop up a lot in Manchester. The message will be that he is unreliable often come up with extreme or unrealistic policies.

So far as the Lib Dems are concerned Vince Cable – a semi-detached member of the Government – will probably be in for some teasing.

UKIP will not be mentioned so much but there existence will be very much in mind with the constant reminded that the choice faced at the election is between Mr Cameron or Mr Miliband as Prime Minister.


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