By Peter Hoskin
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set of not-much-change-from-last-month
survey results – but we’ll note them down anyway, for completeness’ sake.

are to do with the Coalition, its duration and whether there should be a repeat
after the next election. First up, the question of when the current Coalition should end. Tory members responded much
as they did last
, although there is a slight movement away from it ending this year or
next, and towards it ending shortly before the general election:

Graph 2

then the question of when the current Coalition will end:

Graph 3

finally, a question about the possibility of another Con-Lib Coalition after
the election. Again, the responses are broadly similar to last month, although
it’s noteworthy that there has been a seven percentage-point drop in those
answering “I am completely opposed to such a Coalition”:

Graph 4

Over 2000 people responded to the survey, of which over 800 were Conservative Party members.

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