By Peter Hoskin
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yes, sunshine is winning the day. Compared to the last Cabinet
league table
we published, two-and-a-bit months ago, the latest is notable for
its buoyancy. Of the 30 ministers (and one London mayor) rated by
ConservativeHome readers, 17 have seen their numbers improve, 9 have remained
more or less flat, and only 4 have declined in any significant way. Even Nick
Clegg has seen his net satisfaction rating increase – and by enough to lift him
from the bottom of the table, as you can see below.

from Clegg, some of the ministers who might be particularly pleased include:

  • David Cameron. Two months ago, the Prime Minister was languishing
    near the relegation zone, with a net satisfaction rating of just 3. Now he’s
    firmly in mid-table, with a rating of 31. A reflection, I’m sure, of what The
    Sun today calls “a good run”.
  • George Osborne. The biggest riser, leaping up the table with an
    extra 35 points on his net satisfaction rating. I’m not sure it can be put down
    to the rather tepid Spending Review; probably more to do with the growth
    figures and his (apparent) pledge on
  • Theresa May. Who has gained 18 points, putting her into the top
    three with IDS and Michael Gove. The Abu Qatada effect?

And there's also Grant Shapps, up by 16 points, perhaps thanks to combative performances of the sort he's delivered today. Anyway,
here’s the table in full:


> Just over
1550 people responded to the survey, of whom over 700 were Conservative Party
members. The figures above are taken from the latter's views.