Here's the text of the email that David Cameron sent to Conservative activists last night, following the "swivel-eyed" row:

CameronAfter the news this weekend, I wanted to write a personal
note to members of our Party.

I’ve been a member of the Conservative Party for 25 years.
Some time after I joined I became Chairman of my local branch and was one of
the volunteers dedicated to getting Conservatives elected to the local council.
Since then I have met thousands and thousands of party members. We’ve pounded
the pavements together, canvassed together and sat in make-shift campaign
headquarters together, from village halls to front rooms. We have been together
through good times and bad. This is more than a working relationship; it is a
deep and lasting friendship.

Ours is a companionship underpinned by what we believe: that
everyone should be able to get on in life if they’re willing to work hard; that
we look after those who cannot help themselves; that it’s family and community
and country that matter; that a dose of common sense is worth more than a ton
of dry political theory; that Britain is a great and proud nation that can be
greater still.

That’s why I am proud to lead this party. I am proud of what
you do. And I would never have those around me who sneered or through otherwise.
We are a team, from the parish council to the local association to Parliament,
and I never forget it.

Does that mean we will agree on everything? Of course not.
The Conservative Party has always been a broad church – one which contains
different views and opinions – and we must remain so today. But there is also
much we must do together. We can shout from the roof-tops about how far we’ve
already some. The deficit has been cut by a third. We’ve seen 1.25 million new
jobs created in our private sector. 24 million working people have had their
income tax cut.

And we can be clear about where we are going, too. We are
engaged in a great fight to rebalance our economy, to bring excellence back to
our schools, to fix the welfare system. And yes, we have a policy on Europe
that is right for our country. Amid all the debate, remember this: it is our
party that has committed to an in-out referendum on Europe by the end of 2017.
Not Labour, not the Liberal Democrats, but the Conservatives who are committed
to giving the British people their say.

So to those reading this, here is my message: there will
always be criticism from the sidelines. But we must remember what this Party
has always been about: acting in the national interest. Our task today is to
clear up Labour’s mess and make Britain stand tall again.

We have a job to do for our country – and we must do it

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